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Discuss: Ability to remove the advertisments
Please discuss this thread here. Hope you guys like this.. I had to get off in the middle of it all during a thunder storm than rolled in.. Also this is what was causing those errors before.. Not sure about the PM ones..

Big Grin
Finaly, good work, but I don't think I'll be needing it Toungue
[Image: wsor6xz.png]
Nope, you won that contest earlier! Toungue
[Image: sig-adam.png]
Also, the news header needs to be updated.
[Image: wsor6xz.png]
I told Adam to, but he just ignored me completely. They always leave it to me to change it Rolleyes
Make it a plugin and I'll change it everytime. Toungue
[Image: sig-adam.png]
Adam Wrote:Make it a plugin and I'll change it everytime. Toungue
All you need to do is edit the header template, is it that hard? Do I need to post instructions? Toungue
I know how, it's just tedious. Toungue
[Image: sig-adam.png]
Adam Wrote:I know how, it's just tedious. Toungue
Changing two links and just a few words of text is tedious? Toungue Imagine having to run a forum host! :-o
So $2 means no ads permanently or for a fixed time only?

Do you accept mybucks? Toungue Big Grin
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