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"Hello, I do," Indian couple wed on phone

Quote:AHMEDABAD, India (Reuters) - An Indian couple exchanged wedding vows over the telephone after the bridegroom could not make it to the ceremony due to Hindu-Muslim clashes in the bride's city.
Haha, what a wedding!
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And inexpensive too! IT's the wave of the future. Now you will be considered uncool by modern socity until you purpose by phone. Then everyone will forget about the fad and move back to disco.

The world, you can never get enough of it Toungue
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Nice Big Grin
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Well that is something to think about, cheap, fast and very easy!Wish I would have thought about that when I got married lol
I could imagine the signal kicking out just before the word "do" was said. Toungue They would've never been married.
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