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MyBuck$ - What, How, and Why?
What: MyBuck$ (pronounced "My Bucks") is a currency on our support forums which you may purchase various things for your personal use on our support forums, or your CreateMyBB hosted forum. Massacre is in the process of finishing the Store Mod, but in the meantime, you may PM me to purchase what you'd like.

The items you may purchase include the following:
  • Colored Username (any color except the ones our staff are listed as)
    - 50,000 MyBuck$
  • Glowing Username (coming soon)
    - 20,000 MyBuck$
    removed until further notice
  • Italic Username
    - 20,000 MyBuck$
  • Bold Username
    - 20,000 MyBuck$
  • Strike-out Username
    - 20,000 MyBuck$

How do I earn MyBuck$?: There are many ways to earn MyBuck$, but the easiest way is to post on our support forums. You currently earn:
  • 1 MyBuck$ per character in your post
  • 5 MyBuck$ per new thread
  • 3 MyBuck$ per new reply
  • 3 MyBuck$ per new poll
  • 2 MyBuck$ per vote in polls
  • 5 MyBuck$ per uploaded attachment
  • 5 MyBuck$ per receiving a positive reputation point
  • -5 MyBuck$ per receiving a negative reputation point
  • 10 MyBuck$ per referral

You may also earn MyBuck$ by doing services for other members in the
MyBuck$ Trading Post forum.

Why do I want to do this?: This will boost your popularity at CreateMyBB, and may hopefully provide you with benefits for yourself. This also helps our support forums grow and prosper.

- Adam
CreateMyBB Admin

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