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[Solved] Two Things
1. I cannot edit a user in the Admin CP, it gives me an MySQL error. I do not have the Cash Mod activated and I don't want it activated.

2. My forum keeps redirecting to the redirecting page.


I edit my Profile, and it says "Saved, redirecting the User CP" and it'll just redirect back to the Redirect page.
Neither of those problems happen here, or the skin zone...
I don't know why it happens, but it just started to happen two or three days ago.
That's wierd. It happened to me before but only once and not at my site.
Try using a different browser.
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Yeah, it's most likely your browser. Toungue
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Gameboy8661 Wrote:Try using a different browser.

Has using a different browser fixed your problem?
I have never had this problem, but I often get problems on websites when using internet explorer. I switched to Firefox, and I have no problems anymore.
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