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yeah it rocks Cool
From IceBB to PhpBB, MYBB is the best! Cant host your own forum? No problem MyBB will take away your problem in less than a second! Its fast to setup and easy to use... so signup for your MyBB Today!
CreateMyBB=Free and Easy

It's true! It's fast to make (who can't type in some stuff?) easy (again, who can't type in some stuff?) and best of all, it's FREE! There are other forum hosting services (I've been to a forum using one, I didn't like it), but they cost money, aren't so easy to make and can even have down time! CreateMyBB is the best! (Note: Sorry, maybe too much, but I just have to say it!)
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Supersonic Wrote:Shut up! They're all busy, and sience they're still in between upgrades, new forums will have problems! And not everything needs a copyright sign (I like the no copyright sign thingy, if everyone stopped using it, I could say "I Like It" again)!

this area isn't for debates; it's for testimonials. he's stating his experience with the site and you shouldn't try and tell him that's not what he experienced. and since i'm here, i might as well post my own.

it's one of the best free forum hosts, for sure, but the update would make it a lot better. to be honest the only reason i've stuck around and not payed for my own hosting is because i've been waiting on that update. if it's not installed by march i guess i'll have to look into hosting my forum myself so i can get the features i want, but there's still a couple weeks left. my forum is also frequently slow, and sometimes is down. the only feature i could really use is the ability for moderators to ban users.
#36 is the best Mybb host I have come across. It has the fastest times of any forum host I've used, and it also uses MyBB, which is simple enough for my feeble mind to understand. All in all, it's awesome.
MyBB had always been my favorite forum software, but being able to create my own MyBB forum for free blew my mind.
ITS AWESOME! fast, easy to use but I wish there was some extra features, If you want a free, fast and easy to use software, this is it.
Createmybb is the best forum creator ever created! It's free, and o good I think it cost money. But it's good it doesn't, because then people would use some other thing, but createmybb FTW!
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When Icyboards announced they were closing down many of us were left looking for a new host to host our forums. CreateMyBB came to the rescue and offered free database imports to all Icyboards users. The service has been great so far and both myself and my forum members couldn't be happier.

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