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Pokemon Trading Card Forum
Oh Yes, the Pokemon Trading Card Forum is now open! It is ALL about Pokemon, I have currently, NO Members Sad

But, With your help we can rise to the top! I am currently adding more, and more, and more, to the forum. The sites URL is

We have tons of things there, and are ading more by the day! Please help us out and join

Come on guys join!
Be careful on how many forums you add. Having too many forums at the START can provide confusion to new members, it is nicer to wait until you have quite a bit of posts.

I suggest a logo that could be of a Pokemon card(s) a Pokemon figure, or just Text that names the site. Either way, the MyBB default logo is not fitting to your site. (Go to themes, modify/delete, select it, modify theme settings, where it says logo, put a url.)

Other then those minor issues, the forum looks good! Smile
I will join to help you get some members. Smile

Goodluck with future forum updates!
Cool site. Could use a better theme!
I don't get on how to register, I can't type anything for the "Additional Email"...but I already supplied my email. D:
Waiting to play Pokemon TC online ...

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