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Cash/Points/Bank plugin uploaded
The Cash/Points/Bank by decswxaqz has been uploaded to your Plugin Manager in your Admin CP.

Massacre did a fine job editing the plugin to work with CreateMyBB. Give him and decswxaqz a big thank you!

Current languages supported: English, Dutch

  • Cash/Points/Bank
  • Earn cash for your posts on a forum.
  • Donate your money to other users.
  • Keep a statement of all your transactions.
  • Configure each forum to have it's own values.
  • Limit usergroups to only get a certain amount each post.

Q. How do I activate & customize the plugin?

  • Log in to your Admin CP, located at
  • Under the Board Settings, click Plugin Manager
  • On the right, find Cash/Bank/Points Mod, and click Activate
  • After that's activated, under Board Settings, click Change
  • Find the Cash/Bank/Points Mod settings, and click Modify Settings

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