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[Solved] Page Generated in...
Hi, is there any way to remove the thing that says:
Quote:Generated in 0.3944559 seconds (19.27% PHP / 80.73% MySQL)
MySQL Queries: 13 / Parsing 0.0007100 / Global Parsing Time: 0.2260380
PHP version: 4.4.1 / Server Load: 0.50 / GZip Compression: Enabled
It makes the layout look weird and confuses me and the members
confuses as in "annoy's"
This "debug" info is only displayed to Administrators of your board. To remove it so you no longer see it, open up the template "footer" and delete "<debugstuff>".
Sorry, where is the template footer? I'm used to Invisionfree.
Inside your Admin Control Panel, find the navigation link called "Templates >> Modify/Delete". Click on that and find "Default Templates" and click "expand".

Click on "footer" and make the neccesary code change. Click "Add Template".

I hope this helps!

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