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[Resolved] Can't seem to change or disable Registration hCaptcha
Hi! I'm brand new to all of this so apologies for any silly mistakes.

[Image: s5W0OyG.png]

I've been trying to disable or change the default hCaptcha that appears for registration. The option in General Config never seems to update anything:

[Image: rbfC46S.png]

I also tried setting it to the other options(such as nocaptcha recaptcha or recaptcha invisible) and adding the appropriate public and private keys, but the hCaptcha remained every time. I've tried hard refreshing, refreshing/rebuilding caches, and disabled any option I can find related to Captcha with no luck.

The reason I want to change it is because the questions on hCaptcha are ridiculously specific and people are struggling to register. It'll ask you to pick out motorcycles and have extremely cropped photos of the road or tires and then still rejects the answers you chose. I had to solve it 3-4 times before it finally worked.

I can't seem to find where to delete the captcha altogether via the template/theme area, if that would be possible. I don't need it to prevent spam because accounts require admin approval and it's going to be a small/private forum.

I searched for hours to try to solve this yesterday with no luck. I would really appreciate any help!

Forum link:

[snipped for privacy]

I'm using a default template and theme as far as I'm aware. I have a few plugins added for a chatbox, post liking, etc.

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[Resolved] Can't seem to change or disable Registration hCaptcha - by Sufficio - 07-02-2021, 05:54 PM

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