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How to change your CreateMyBB3 Logo
Hello MyBBers, Today there was the release of "theme editor" to CreateMyBB3. In this editor you can do the following
  • Edit the style-sheets
  • Edit the logo
The style sheets can be edited by
  1. Logging into the admin panel of your forum
  2. Clicking "Templates and Styles"
  3. Clicking the name of your theme (usually "default")
  4. Clicking "global.css" (this is the style that is attached to all pages.)
  5. clicking "Edit Stylesheet: Advanced Mode" from the tab under the log-out button
NOTE: this is usually in HTML.

To change your logo
  1. Make the logo
  2. Upload it to a image hosting site, (I recommend
  3. Use the direct link (copy it)
  4. Go to Admin CP>Templates & Style> your theme name(usually default)>(scroll down too)Board Logo>paste the link there.
  5. Save the theme and you are done.
Please post your questions here and the CreateMyBB team will be happy to assist you.

--CreateMyBB Team

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