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Introduce Yourself!
I am new to MyBB. Just created my first forum on here. Hope I see you around. Wink
Hello! I'm from Canada. My name is Brandon. I'm support staff on many webhostings!
Hey guys,
I'm Luke I live in the USA and I am currently employed at Wal-Mart stores Inc. as a chashere and work at a calling center called Sykes witch is an AT&T contract Customer service corporation that answers calls for AT&T that has telephone, Internet or billing questions. I am 18 years old and I am involved in miny different createmybb3 sites and have my own as well.
I am glad to be involved with creatmybb and wish all of you the best of luck with you createmybb site. Have a good day.
Hi everyone, just joined today. I'm very new to mybb so I'm looking forward to getting to know how it works.
Alright, I'll bite.

Fishy here, the dev-to-be of Milkcrate, a small start-up indie company that I'm a member of. We've brainstormed many game concepts over the years that we hope to bring to life with our newfound knowledge and free time. The first project on the menu is an FPS-MOBA (currently titled Project Digi-Tear, to keep the actual name a secret), which I hope to be fun. Then we'll branch out from there.

I chose this site just as a start-up forum. We'll probably make an actual forum further down the line, when we can spare the time to.

I'll see you around.
~ Fish
"How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a
woodchuck could chuck wood?"

Amateur game dev, at your service.
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Introduce yourself, beyonder Smile
Join me on:

[Image: weIjuXR.png]
hi guys just joined. I wanna give a shout out to jon. I found about this place while on mybb support.iam kind of thinking i want to create a board..since iam in mobile, i knew i could not complete my goal..because mybb only has downloading option. So here iam.
hi im Esra forum


nice to meet you all
Hello. I am Edgar, and I live in Netherlands.

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