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[solved]Banned Names - Fractered Bliss - 01-13-2007

I've got a list of names that i want to add to the banned username list, so that members can't sign up with those names. I've added the names to the ban username list but it doesn't seem to work, i registered with two of those names just to test it out but it's not working.

Just wondering how you set the names out, cause i'm not sure how if i'm doing it right.

RE: Banned Names - MiNT - 01-13-2007

The usernames must be seperated with a space so it should look like this
Quote:CheeseCake Tomato Potato Pie Cream ShortCake Bread FeltTipPen RedButton YellowButton RedButton YellowButton RedButton YellowButton RedButton YellowButton RedButton YellowButton

Hope that helps Smile

RE: Banned Names - Fractered Bliss - 01-14-2007

So it goes acrsoss the box, and not down. i'll give it a try. So instead of having Derek Morgan like that have it DerekMorgan or can i add the space bettween the first and last name. Sorry if i've confused you.

RE: Banned Names - MiNT - 01-14-2007

Unfortunately, since mybb 1.1.8 uses spaces to separate user names in the list. It is impossible to ban a user name with a space in it. However, mybb 1.2 separates user names in the list using a comma. So it will be possible to ban a user name with a space after the upgrade.

RE: Banned Names - Fractered Bliss - 01-15-2007

Ah right ok, so anyone who is on 1.1 will go onto 1.2. Thanks for the help, it doesn't matter for the moment, because i can always change usernames if someone does sign up with it.

RE: Banned Names - MiNT - 01-15-2007

Great, marking as solved.