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plug in question - eNigma - 03-20-2006

is there anyway to make this possible in mybb?
[Image: prof5zt.jpg] <-- it's from an ipb board

all those infos like member title, hair color, etc... can
we have in mybb too? I have
a feeling taht they are plug ins

RE: plug in question - DennisTT - 03-20-2006

You can create Custom Profile Fields from your Admin CP, and then in the postbit template use these variables:

$post[fidX] where X is the field ID (it says on the Admin CP page)

RE: plug in question - eNigma - 03-20-2006

WOAAAAAAAAH! it's awesometastic!
thank you Dennis for this nice help Big Grin

I could include (Favorite Ice Cream) there lol

RE: plug in question - DennisTT - 03-21-2006

You should be careful though, since those $post[fidX] variables are not htmlspecialchar'ed, which means, if anyone puts HTML in those fields, they will be rendered as HTML in the browser (they won't be escaped).

RE: plug in question - eNigma - 03-21-2006

hmmm but is putting normal "text" before teh $post[fidx] legal?
I really don't know php I'm zero Shy

RE: plug in question - Justin S. - 03-21-2006

I think all he is saying that if someone were to but in, for instance, this into one of the fields:

Quote:<b>Test</b> Meep
It would show up bolded instead of just the characters. I believe you can put anything you want in front of $post[fidX]

RE: plug in question - eNigma - 03-21-2006

hmmm... so html and $post[fidx] can
be good friends too, sometimes? ToungueBig Grin