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thanks button /repute button - user - 10-14-2006

hey guyz plz tell me how do i add thanks or repute button


USER Toungue

RE: thanks button /repute button - Justin S. - 10-14-2006

There's a reputation system where you can press the "+" button next to "Reputation" in your post area, which lets you add to their reputation.

RE: thanks button /repute button - user - 10-16-2006

so how do i add Bucks and thanks button Toungue

RE: thanks button /repute button - Justin S. - 10-16-2006

There is no way to add a Thanks button.

RE: thanks button /repute button - Black Guard - 10-21-2006

About the reputation system, I asked about how to remove negative feedback left by spammers and was told it would probably be fixed in the next update (this is when it was 1.1.6) and I'm currently on 1.1.8. Any word from the MyBB developers on this?

RE: thanks button /repute button - destroyer - 10-21-2006

This has been fixed in MyBB 1.2