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RE: Smilie Requests - OttoMatta - 08-17-2010

Smiley pack here:

The existing ones can be deleted.

My site is

Thank you very much! Smile

RE: Smilie Requests - GoGoT - 09-14-2010

Hello, I make another request for smilies, attached below.

Forum is


RE: Smilie Requests - angela - 10-17-2010

i don't have Smilie Manager on my board please help

RE: Smilie Requests - Destructoino - 03-02-2011

I would like some smilies please! Here are some that I thought of at the moment: Thanks!

Edit: Oh yeah, my link:

I would like them ASAP please Smile

RE: Smilie Requests - OttoMatta - 05-17-2011

Sorry, they don't respond to smiley requests here.

RE: Smilie Requests - kiunz - 06-22-2011

please upload my smiley to my forum

my forum :

my smiley in attachment files


best regards kiunz

RE: Smilie Requests - rickyvb - 05-31-2012

Hello, My Site is

Trying to fix a smiley ( :doggy: ) and add some new ones.

Can you just make it so I can add a supporting URL for the smilies in Admin CP?

If not, I can zip some up for you. Thanks for your help!

RE: Smilie Requests - Raymond1227 - 09-06-2018