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Smilie Requests - Justin S. - 10-02-2006

We are currently accepting smilie requests. If you would like a set or a single smilie uploaded, please attach it to a post in this thread. You will then be given instructions in reply to your post on how to add the smilie set or the single smilie to your forum.

All sets should be within a zip file and should be completely legal and not taken from other sites or forums. If a smilie set is not allowed to be redistributed, then feel free to link us to the site where the smilie set can be found.

We have to upload these ourselves because currently there is a limitation in the system preventing you from adding smilies other than local ones (ones on this server itself). We hope we will be able to change this in the future.

Once again, please post all requests within this thread, and not in other threads.

Thank you,
CreateMyBB Staff

RE: Smilie Requests - annette143 - 11-23-2006

oh GOODY! I am editing a group I hoped to use at our forum.

is there a limit to the number?
I am whittling down from 3,000 to 450 > to about 200-300
~which is how many I had at our old site.

do you need the .pak file too (I hope not=a pain to write)
I have been naming the emoicons :yikes: {like that
.gif   yikes.gif (Size: 689 bytes / Downloads: 283)

RE: Smilie Requests - deviant - 11-24-2006

Oh sorry didn't see this part lol I would like there smilies uploaded so i can add them to my forum if possible please .... zip file included, let me know if theres any problems please Smile Cheers

RE: Smilie Requests - Justin S. - 11-24-2006


Now go to:

Admin CP -> Message Filters -> Smilie Manager -> Add Multiple Smilies

And for the path, put:


Then, go to the next page and you'll be able to see all of them available to choose from. Set it up however you'd like, and then you're all set!

RE: Smilie Requests - annette143 - 11-25-2006

me too! Me Too!

It won't accept the file 1.3 MB where can I send it?

"The file you attached is too large. The maximum size for that type of file is 1024 kilobytes."

RE: Smilie Requests - deviant - 11-25-2006

wicked thank you Big Grin

RE: Smilie Requests - Jimbodude - 11-25-2006

Please upload these

RE: Smilie Requests - Ruggerz - 11-26-2006

yeah id also like the smilies jimbodude included

RE: Smilie Requests - bbgambini - 11-27-2006

new to all this...hope it works...

RE: Smilie Requests - bbgambini - 11-27-2006

another one...hope this one works also..........