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HCaptcha Bypass/Solution - Anymouse - 02-16-2021

It appears one of our members is unable to login. Can you provide some information to us and him on any bypass/solution procedure?


Quote:I am getting a message saying to solve the hCaptcha to prove I am not a robot! It's the same message I had before. I have attached a screenshot. How do I solve the "hCaptcha?

I unfortunately don't have the screenshot but I can imagine the issue.

The procedure I will implement is: simply disabling Captcha. Is that the best option? I think it is.

RE: HCaptcha Bypass/Solution - Jon - 02-16-2021

Login doesn't require a captcaha though. Registration does.

Do they see the captcha at all? I see it on registration

RE: HCaptcha Bypass/Solution - Anymouse - 02-21-2021

There was actually a setting to require HCapcha after failed logins, I eliminated that and that seems to resolve this.