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Please help me to display DVZ_Shoutbox (RESOLVED) - tartist - 07-16-2020

Apologies, perhaps I should have posted this in the plugins section.
I have followed the tutorial here: 
DVZ Shoutbox tutorial

Entering  {$dvz_shoutbox} gives a simple shoutbox display, see below. Then adding the CSS code to the global.css has no effect. Below are screenshots of my entries. Any help would be appreciated.

SOLUTION: after following the tutorial go to the forum index page and reset browser by doing CTRL F5

I added {$dvz_shoutbox} here:
[Image: eRqiW8o.png]

This produces a simple Shoutbox display like this:
[Image: 0q7Mcwl.png]

I inserted the CSS code here but this made no difference to the shoutbox display:
[Image: sOVFE89.png]