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[Solved] What happened? - ForeverRed - 07-27-2006

Ok, am I only the one who have a problem with my board? It appears that I went to the last post to the thread from the main page but it directly to the main page. Including to any forums, too. Any idea what happened?

Here's my link.

RE: What happened? - ForeverRed - 07-29-2006

How come everyone ignore me?

RE: What happened? - Jon - 07-29-2006

I didn't see this thread.
It seems fine to me?
If it is still bad can you give a link to a bad link.


RE: What happened? - Justin S. - 07-30-2006

It seems to be working for me too. A couple days ago it was doing what you had described, but I didn't know why, so I didn't reply... but it seems to be working properly now.

RE: What happened? - ForeverRed - 07-31-2006

Yeah, it's finally working. I don't know why for some odd reasons. Oh well. lol

RE: What happened? - Justin S. - 07-31-2006

Solved? Closed.