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IcyBoards Users! Welcome/More! - Jon - 05-26-2018

Hello IcyBoards,

I am sad to hear your forum host is closing and I will work on a solution to allow you to import your boards and database here.

I have a couple of options either our standard free forum hosting service which will be on the latest MyBB version which will do ad free for 4 months
Or I can do full MyBB hosting with cPanel free for 3 months plus free install/setup of mybb your domain.

Let me know about what features you liked about icyboards and if you have a login for your forum I can review and see what i can build out for your forum here.


RE: IcyBoards Users! Welcome/More! - Jon - 06-04-2018

If you are coming from IcyBoards please provide .sql file for your database and pm me the url to access it.
Also you need to signup and create a board. Send me that url and once we have .sql file we can import your forum.