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Hey guys,

I need your honest opinion here. I am quite a new skinner but I'd love to create a 'graphics' forum for createmybb based forums. I started messing around with Photoshop and whipped up something that would take a expert 2seconds x.x..

So heres what I'd like you to tell me.. Would you register on my board because of its skin? If not could you tell me a few details on how to improve it. The skin is not yet complete such as buttons and on / off icons. So registrations are currently disabled. Based on the front skin, Would you register?

At the moment this forum is more at pre alpha mode. Im not sure if i should contune or not. If I do im going to need reliable staff and a few skinners to make new skins for CreateMyBB users.

So guys. I need your opinions.. Dont register.. It wont work ^^..