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Okay, just to let you guys know, this is only for BASIC and some other questions, i will answer ASAP. For other questions make your threads. I only created this because i see that many threads get like 0 answers... So start asking i will try to help :p
Hey i have a problem im new to site management and css and html and stuff like that but im learning but i have a problem. Im used to html where you imput a Url to make images but using CSS it has stuff like for example i want to change the smiles this is what it shows images/smilies/smile.gif if i have somethign all ready that i want to replace that with how do i i get it to look like that? i meen how does it get the picture to appear without a url. Any help would be GREATELY appreciated, thanks.
i know what you think, but the thing is that u can't upload smilies that way or any other way, check this Smile
anyway changing useronline in pas 15min index as useronline in past 24hrs[it must be act like that all useractive in past 24 hrs must be shown]
admincp -> Board Settings -> Change -> Who's Online -> calculate the 24x60 for mins
Thac bro for Help u are a Hero..
But it show
X users active in the past 1440 minutes [X is Value of user]
Any way it to make as
X users active in the past 24 Hours

Fix my prob. if u got Time.

And a Q?
How change treads titile color?
u can't as far as i know do anything of that both..
Again i hit u.

Can u give me cilor hex code for color ?
Alright.. Toungue
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