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Full Version: plug in question
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is there anyway to make this possible in mybb?
[Image: prof5zt.jpg] <-- it's from an ipb board

all those infos like member title, hair color, etc... can
we have in mybb too? I have
a feeling taht they are plug ins
You can create Custom Profile Fields from your Admin CP, and then in the postbit template use these variables:

$post[fidX] where X is the field ID (it says on the Admin CP page)
WOAAAAAAAAH! it's awesometastic!
thank you Dennis for this nice help Big Grin

I could include (Favorite Ice Cream) there lol
You should be careful though, since those $post[fidX] variables are not htmlspecialchar'ed, which means, if anyone puts HTML in those fields, they will be rendered as HTML in the browser (they won't be escaped).
hmmm but is putting normal "text" before teh $post[fidx] legal?
I really don't know php I'm zero Shy
I think all he is saying that if someone were to but in, for instance, this into one of the fields:

Quote:<b>Test</b> Meep
It would show up bolded instead of just the characters. I believe you can put anything you want in front of $post[fidX]
hmmm... so html and $post[fidx] can
be good friends too, sometimes? ToungueBig Grin