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Full Version: PJIRC Chat
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how to use the PJIRC chat

What is the Server hostname

what is the channel name ????????
I heard you have to host a server to useit which costs money.
No need to pay for a server.

You can use random IRC servers.
For example:
Go to that server, read the help messages and register your channel.
I dont get it eithor. I went to the site mentioned and seen nothing pertaining to server/channel for chat. My board requires a server and channel. Can anyone tell me exactually what I need to have to aquire this?
Since my free chat requires a script, I cant use the chat button supplied with my forum. I would like to use the button instead of a chat box appelet allways posted on my board.
heres my board
at the very bottom of the page is my chat.
Does any of this make sence?
Thanks, troy.
Im also having trouble with mine, see my topic.
why not try 2 use another script? rather than PJIRC.

even i had same probs but i dont use forum PJIRC Chat, i got another script for my forum...

u can also do it same way, you will get many free java scripts for your board.