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Full Version: DOCUMENTATION: add a button in new reply (spoiler button)
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Since i can't post in Documentation i will post here:

1. First run a spoiler plugin in plugins manager, and do what it is said.
2. Open your template set and hit expand.
3. Find template codebuttons
4. find:
<img src="./images/codebuttons/sep.gif">
<img name="img" src="./images/codebuttons/image.gif" onclick="insertCode('img')" class="toolbar_normal" onMouseOver="toolbarHover('img')" onMouseOut="toolbarUnHover('img')" onMouseDown="toolbarMouseDown('img')" alt="$lang->alt_image">
5. BELOW it put:
<img name="Spoiler" src="URL OF IMAGE" onclick="insertCode('spoiler')" class="toolbar_normal" onmouseover="toolbarHover('spoiler')" onmouseout="toolbarUnHover('spoiler')" onMouseDown="toolbarMouseDown('spoiler')" alt="Insert spoiler">
6. Replace URL OF IMAGE, with image of your spoiler button
7. Save template

Result: [Image: resultdy5.png]

NOTE: you may use this image:[Image: imageph6.gif] but i require full credit:

Credit to D-Man of Ultimate Spriters Forums

8. Thanks..... Big Grin

if you liked this, please take a look:

[Image: UltimateSpriters5-2.gif]
bump.... can someone move this where it belongs
I moved it into the docs forum..

Don't know for sure if the other staff members also want to have this being public.