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Full Version: DOCUMENTATION: add a stats counter on your board
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first go here and register. Now create a project. Then follow this simple steps until you reach the install code button. There are several steps now for you to do, read wisely. When you are done copy your code in notepad. Edit the code so under

<!-- Start of StatCounter Code -->

first thing needs to be



<script type="text/javascript"

and make sure your code ends like his

<!-- End of StatCounter Code -->

now open your admin cp----->templates----->modify----->footers----->

paste the code at the very bottom of footers. congrats you have just installed the StatCounter code.


scrool to the bottom

NOTE: you may want to add code at the top of your forums, to do so paste the code in admin cp----->templates----->modify----->headers

NOTE: you may not want to center your code, if you dont want to, use the code given on , skipping the step where i was talking about notepad, just paste the original code in headers or footers.

can someone move this where it belongs
Done - sorry for the lack of response.
but how do you do this on CreateMyBB3?