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Full Version: Smilie Requests
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Are you still doing these? If so could you please upload the attached files to...

thanks alot. Smile

bump bump bump
Hello gentelmen...I need this smille package uploaded on my forum ...
Thx in advance...I am waiting...Wink
would it be possible to sort out me a general selection of smilies to use on my forum . Sorry aint got a clue how to zip up a file or even where to get smilies from

my forum :

thanks in advance

that or an idiots information sheet on how to do it the right way
does anyone ever answer these posts ?
Could you please upload this smilie package for me too ? We have a great forum but smilies are missing Sad

Id really really appreciate your help.

Thank you in advance.

The zip is attached.

hello ....

could you up load the smilie file to my forum please

my forum is


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