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Full Version: email notifications not working
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My forum is

Email notifications don't seem to work. I've tested it and I didn't get any emails. Other users have reported this as well.

Is there something I've forgotten to do or is there a bug?


PS - I've subscribed to an email notification on this post too Big Grin
What is your email isp?


I got a notification from this forum

We are having the same problem at

Some users get the notifications, some don't (including myself).
TerryR which isp are those emails?

Alan you get the emails on this forum though?
Yes, I do. And to the same ISP (same email address).
My email is My users that are not receiving notifications have a variety of ISPs.

I received the notification about your post above but none from my own forum.
is it just forum notifications or do other emails have same issue?

I just tested with send user an email feature from profile works.

I did just DKIM, DMARC support for emails so hopefully that helps too.
I'm not getting notifications about PMs or subscribed threads. I'm not sure about direct email, I have sent one to one of the people that is not getting notifications but he hasn't answered yet (but, of course, he won't if he doesn't get it!).
OK, he did get the direct email.
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