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Full Version: New Plugin BankPipe - Paid subscriptions/sell attachments via paypal or crypto
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BankPipe is an advanced and automated payments manager powered by Omnipay. You can create subscriptions with a wide range of custom options or monetize attachments singularly by setting their prices.
At present time, BankPipe accepts PayPal and Coinbase, a cryptocurrency exchange which supports Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, DAI, USD Coin, Ethereum and Litecoin.

Subscriptions, a popular feature seen in similar plugins, are regularly embedded within BankPipe and come with a wide range of options:
- destination usergroup(s): usergroup(s) which users will be assigned to when purchasing a subscription. You can select multiple usergroups;
- usergroup changing mode: if users' primary or additional usergroups will be changed upon subscribing;
- expiration days: amount of days for the subscription to last. Can be set to infinity;
- expiration usergroup: usergroup to which users will be assigned when the subscription expires;
- allowed usergroups: usergroups allowed to buy each subscription;
- discount: a percentage-based discount relative to each subscription which, if bought, is applied to higher priced subscriptions.

Attachments monetization
One of BankPipe's flagships is its ability to handle single-item purchases by hijacking into MyBB's core attachments system. Each attachment can be monetized individually by simply setting a price. Selected usergroups you can choose are allowed to add their own PayPal address and earn from their own attachments, or contribute to the board's wallet(s) instead. Coinbase currently does not allow users wallets to be loaded.
This plugin has been removed.