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Full Version: More Themes.
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This forum currently contains all themes which are compatible with CreateMyBB. However there maybe more themes from the Official MyBB Mods Site which are not compatible to use with CreateMyBB. If you wish to use one of these themes it is imperative that you do the following:

* Obtain the URL for that theme from the Official MyBB Mods Site

* Open a new thread in the Theme Requests forum.

* Please put the name of the theme in the thread title to avoid duplicates being made.

* Post the link to the theme which you want made compatible with CreateMyBB.

READ: Before posting a compatibility request ensure that the theme hasn't already been made compatible by searching for that theme in the Theme Index forum. Additionally please check that the theme hasn't already been requested to be made compatible by searching the Theme Request forum. If someone has already requested that a particular theme be made compatible with CreateMyBB but it hasn't yet been made compatible, please just bump the existing request thread rather than make a new topic.

The CreateMyBB Team.
The Chosen if you think there are any great MyBB skins out there that we do not have at CreateMyBB let me know and I will get them added.

Thanks for the good post.
If I come across any I shall let you know. Smile

There are some good themes here as well which could be made compatible with CreateMyBB. The topics with "Release" next to them are the ones which have been release for public use.