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Full Version: Error Messages
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This might have been addressed at one point before, but a member noticed this error message, one which I see as well, when previewing a post:

Quote:Please correct the following errors before continuing:

The user id does not exist. Please supply a valid user id.

The preview screen does not display.

Also, there is this error message when viewing the sent private messages folder:

Quote:Warning [2] count(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable - Line: 2071 - File: C:\sites\createmybb3\private.php PHP 7.3.21 (WINNT)

File: C:\sites\createmybb3\private.php
Line: 2071
Function: errorHandler->error

Sorry if this message re-treads anything, but I wanted to ask on behalf of our users.
The private messages should be fixed now i think
Thanks! It appears the issue is not entirely resolved. I get the message slightly differently:

Quote:The following warnings occurred:
Warning [2] count(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable - Line: 2072 - File: C:\sites\createmybb3\private.php PHP 7.3.21 (WINNT)

It also repeats 14 times.
This may be a lesser issue than the preview warnings, which do make it harder for users to post. I can probably live with the PM errors.
Try now for private messages.
Fixed the preview post issue.
Thanks, preview post works now. Thanks! Messages still displays an error in the Sent Messages folder.
Fixed now finally
Thanks, I think the members will be quite happy now.