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Full Version: Visions 2 Added.
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Visions 2

A light colored design for MyBB 1.1.x.

Just a note to whoever. After importing the theme for use... you might notice that some images are not loading correctly for the style. To fix this... navigate to the theme properties/CSS area and change :: images/ :: to :: skinzone/ :: in the following areas...

table headers
table sub headers
table footers

and all instances in the additional CSS area.

That should fix up the image loading issue. Enjoy the skin!
Hey 2$CoMpLiCaTeD$4u,
Fixed the skin.

If you have any other cool skins let me know and I can add them to the CreateMyBB system. It will help get more links to your site and maybe even some vistors.

Jon, How Can I Recolour Visions2 ?? I want these colours light blue with dark blue mixed..!
Edit the theme colors by going in Edit Theme Style!

Thank You,