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Full Version: How to park your domain name?
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What link should I put in the box?

I have bought a domain name

I would like to change sub domain

I'm too confuse with this part that you need to park your domain before you forum site will be fully activated.

What link should I put in the box?

[Image: ZZhveys.png]

What link should I put in the box?

[Image: jarNYuq.png]

Appreciated your help.
In that box put

Do that after you update the namesevers at godaddy
I registered my domain on namecheap:

I think messed up something? 

[Image: 9wfZ34V.png]

[Image: lRHtCX5.png]

[Image: JaU4G0t.png]
The site is working perfectly. Just clear browser cache.
I tried to login in the main page but after logging in I directed to, I got an error trying to access my admin panel. Any recommendation how to fix this? 

[Image: r1uCuhA.png]

[Image: NX5MUi9.png]
Did you have SSL security with the domain?
The bb url was wrong in settings was the mybb link
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