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Full Version: Is this forum dead?
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Mine seems to be working again. Whatever you did, Jon - thank you.
Issue outstanding permissions seems like two forums have issues.
Not sure the cause though.
Where can I find the right permissions to fix my issue?  It still persists.  My favicon is gone also.
I am not sure at this time if it is an issue with the whole system or just certain boards. I would suggest reviewing all the permissions in the admincp just to be safe.

Will check out the favicon tonight.
Where do I find the permission?  All I can find is the admin permissions and that is not connected to users.   I cannot read  or post as an administrator.

Edit: I found it.
It all looks fine to me like the day I set the permissions to open the site.

I'm open to suggestions at this point.
I can post and if I log out I can see it....while logged in I can't read or see anything I post or others aside   the forum itself.
Seems some of the other posters are able to post ok.
I made a change let me know if it helped.
Ok, I'm back in to post.  I went to user CP and edit options and then clicked thread view options to be seen in classic mode.  It works but only in classic mode.
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