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Full Version: Is this forum dead?
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I can't see that link. I have to have an admin account on the forum.
It's going to take me a while to trace the issue. I compared the source files and seems like I made the edits.
Working on the templates next...

DVZ Shoutbox (2.3.2)
Lightweight AJAX chat.
Created by Tomasz 'Devilshakerz' Mlynski

ezGallery Pro for MyBB (5.2.4)
Photo gallery plugin for MyBB
Created by vbgamer45

Email Admin on Registration (1.0)
Sends an email to the forum admin's email address when a new user registers.
Created by IcyBoards

MyReactions (0.0.4)
Add emoji reactions to posts
Created by Matt Rogowski

MyCode: [spoiler] (1.2.1)
Agrega la función de spoiler a sus mensajes.
Created by Dark Neo

MyTwitter Connect (2.1)
Integrates MyBB with Twitter, featuring login and registration.
Created by Shade

Online Today (2.0.3)
Shows the users online on your forums.

Created by Dark Neo

View All Posts by a User in Thread (1.0.1)
Allows users to search and view a specific user's posts within a specific thread.
Created by Starpaul20


Inactive Plugins
I uninstalled and reinstalled the myreactions.  It seems ok now.   My posts do not
Some posters posts are fine. Some are odd like when I post.
Having similar issues with my forum as well. HTML appearing in posts and PMs when you either post or preview them. The editor doesn't appear to be working correctly either.
Try now.
New posts hopefully should work better.
Can't fix old posts that were affected probably have to be reedited.
Still having the same problem.
Works fine if you use the quick reply function, but not when using the full editor.
Are you using the default theme?
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