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Full Version: Administrator lacking Super Administrator Privileges
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I am an Administrator at, and for whatever reason I am lacking Super Administrator privileges. I would like to continue providing support, but the moderators on the forum cannot get too much support from me right now; is there any way I or someone can edit the list of super administrators in inc/config.php on this forum?
The orginal super admin left?
Yes, that is basically the case. Something apparently came up, and we have not been in touch since January. Garth and I were told to handle forum affairs and vet and activate new users.
And what can't you do as superadmin?
As far as I can tell, I cannot add additional privileges to the Moderators: they need to be able to view IP addresses before they can activate new users, and they are having trouble seeing the options they need.

New Moderators:
Quote:when I go to the admin CP, I only have three options at the top: 
Forums & Posts
Tools & Maintenance

I don't have the users and groups button, and anytime I try to go into hardly anything it says I don't have permission to access it

Quote:I believe I have the same problem... I only see three options and if I click on anything I get a message saying I don't have permission to access that part of the forum.

Are we going about this the wrong way? I would like to be able to allow the others to handle the IP checks, like I intended, to view email addresses and activate or ban members using that knowledge and info.
Let me know the members id's and I can make them superadmins
Thanks; at this point, I would like to support myself, Anymouse, and Garth. Is it possible for me to add others as needed, then?
The other Mods are Nancy and Michael J., but I am not sure they want to be full superadmins yet, just gain access to specific areas.
Thank you, I will ask them if all is working.
I have since left my position at the board; as such, I believe Garth now needs full ownership and maintenance control over the forum. He is now the sole remaining administrator.
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