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Full Version: Updates to ezGallery Pro and Media Embedding
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Have made updates to ezGallery detailed below along with new updates for media embeding which mainly are fixes and better support for different media embed websites.

ezGallery Updates
!Fixed email links for comments and other notifications
!Fixed showing title on category level setting showing title twice.

!Fixed issue with the bulk uploader not saving the images.
Brand new bulk uploader with drag and drop support. Chrome 7+ Firefox 4+ IE 10+ Opera 12+ Safari 6+
!Fix unapprove link in user galleries
!Fixed thumbnail rebuild option to go beyond 25 images
+Improved permission handling of users additional groups thanks to mgrindel
+Updated paging style in user galleries thanks to mgrindel
+Changed header menu template to work better for MyBB 1.8 mgrindel
!Fixed approving picture code when clicking approve
!Fixed approval comments page