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Full Version: Crystal White
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Description: A simple and smooth white skin, not too many template edits.

Install Instructions: All you have to do is download the attatched file (in "Download") and unzip the file. Then you need to use the "Import" function in the "Themes" section of the "Admin CP"


[Image: attachment.php?thumbnail=1934] [Image: attachment.php?thumbnail=1935] [Image: attachment.php?thumbnail=1936]

License/Use of Skin: When downloading and then importing this skin for use on your forums, you agree to abide by this license whilst using the skin. Both the MyBB copyright and the theme creator's copyright may not be removed at ANY TIME. If it is found to be removed on your forum, we will ask you to (a) remove the skin or (b) add the missing copyrights.


* This is similar but not exactly how it will appear on your CreateMyBB forum.
That one is really cool im useing it now but if i find one cooler and that fits my Mybb fourm better ill use that instaed but this one is gona be just fine for the time being
Ok i've downloaded it fine, but i'm not sure what to do next, i've gone to import theme, but what do you do after that. I may sound stupid but i'm getting stuck at this part.
You dot need to download the file anymore. In the left hand panel of the admin control panel, go to Ihemes > Import
From the Local Filename drop down box, select CrystalWhite. Give the theme a custom name if you like but its not really important. Import Custom Templates and Ignore Version Compatibility can be left at there default settings. Finaly, click Import Theme and your done, the theme is imported.
Ah it's so easy, and i'm making it harder for myself lol, I'm new to create mybb, i'm used to Invision Free so i'm still learning at this. Can you change the header on it to one of your own or does it have to be kept as the one there already.
How do you get it so that there is a chat button at the top?
There is no import theme button in cp ....can any help me to change theme?