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Full Version: Discuss: Ability to remove the advertisments
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Ah, good job Bello. Wink
Aww, they've made up!
That's the spirit! Smile
Ok, we are about 1 and a half pages off-topic...

Belloman started it!
I did not! You did!
Gameboy8661 Wrote:Also, the news header needs to be updated.

Now let's get back on topic Smile

(and that means no "Okay, let's do so" posts)
Last off-topic post:

I said that you started it as a joke Toungue

On topic:

Yay! No more ads!
Okay, I paid the $5. When do my ads disappear? Thanks.
Ad's removed I do them manually I do as soon as I see.

Sweet. Thanks.

Those pop-ups were starting to make me crazy. Smile
Whoops. I spoke too soon. We're still getting ads in the individual threads. Please remove them. Thanks!
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