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Full Version: Forever Black skin
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I have been experimenting and i have finally found out how to make a skin, after a long time of trying i have found out, so i thought i would share it

sorry but i have tried to upload a preview, so i will have to give you a live preview

TOS: you must leave copyright in at all times.
Nice Wink
I've made it so you can upload .xml files to Would you mind uploading it there, please? Smile
Yeah, here it is
if you need some people to help you with skins i will be willing to help you, i know how to make skins now and i will be able to fill requests and make other skins too
Okay, that can be arranged. Smile
ok cool, i hope i am able to help out
Very nice, I may use it in the future.
Thank you and PM me the link to your forum if you use it and i will take a peek at i might even be able to make it look better set just for your forum, i have changed a lot of stuff on my site with that skin changing the templates about and everything
That is, if I ever see the need to make another Create Mybb Forum, I may or may not ever use this theme.
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