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Full Version: And you thought news was boring....
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Check out this Yahoo News page every once in a while, I can guaruntee you'll get some good laughs Toungue;_ylt=Anw5b...YwN5bmNhdA--
*Raises WTH Flag*
Lol....Odd news is the greatest! Toungue
Mommy, does he pee up now?
Lol, Scary Movie 3?
Adam Wrote:Lol, Scary Movie 3?
ROFL! Toungue
check out the newest one:

RANKFURT (Reuters) - A German cannibal whose killing and eating of a willing victim shocked the nation received a life sentence for murder Tuesday after a court overturned a previous manslaughter conviction.

EDIT:This is the forum's 1100's post!
Isn't it #1126 ? Toungue
destroyer Wrote:Isn't it #1126 ? Toungue
Posts have been deleted. Wink

Hee hee, I added the odd news module to My Yahoo! page (even though it's really my AT&T Yahoo High Speed Internet Homepage)
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