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As you may have noticed, we have added a "Testimonials" section to the site. However, we need YOUR testimonials to add there! Tell us your comments on CreateMyBB, but don't make it be too long!

If you would like your comment/testimonial added, please reply to this thread with your testimonial and a link to your CreateMyBB forum (for your name to be linked to).

CreateMyBB Staff
My testimonial:
The forums run so fast, they're so easy to set up, and it's MYbb!

I'm tellin' the truth; this is really gotta be the best..

wvccboy, can you post a link to your forum so your name can be a link to your forums?!

Changed "wvccboy" to a link.
Setting up a forum has never been so easy, and the quality of the forum rivels Vbulletin and Invision, but this is free!

Added, with as URL to forum
MYBB is a powerful FREE forum software and you can
have one too at hosted for free. CreateMyBB
is a quality and reliable free MYBB hosting company.


tmhai Wrote:CreateMyBB supports the added convenience of a fully functional MyBBoard immediately without the hassles of vigorously finding a supported host then realising that they only waiver the setup fee; CreateMyBB waivers them all.

Sorry for the length but I found it satisfying and appropriate to say all that. I don't really want to be linked, thats how much I support cmybb Smile

Thank you so much, tmhai, and all of the rest! Your testimonials mean alot to us at CreateMyBB!
tmhai, definately not too long Wink Now if someone wrote a 5 paragraph essay for it, that is definately too long Toungue

Also (mainly towards Adam) - please only reply to this thread to add your testimonial(s). Once we've added it, we will add "Added" to your post in bold to show that we have added it Wink
MyBB is in my opinion the best forum software around.. so, now get it completely free, let CreateMyBB host your forum today for free!

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